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About Us


Mystic Post “Gifts and Gear” helps support our mission of encouraging the world to respond to Our Lady’s special call. She asks each of us to “Seek peace in our hearts and to put God in the first place in our lives.”


Our Mascot the Penguin:

Pope Francis asks us to go to the fringes of society with our faith.  He implores us to seek its “peripheries”. Our penguin symbolizes this call. Our Penguin also symbolizes eternally advancing the Gospa’s message of peace and reconciliation throughout the world and to the ends of the earth – including desolate terrains where penguins make their homes. 




Our Slogan:”Go Far”
Mystic Post believes we all have a unique mission in life. And inside of each of us, there exists a drive that moves us constantly on a path towards fulfilling that purpose.  At Mystic Post, we hope to inspire people of faith “Go Far” in life, to Go Far in faith and to Go Far in spreading Our Lady’s message of peace to the ends of the earth, 

Go Far in what ever you choose to do!