Excommunicated Tomislav Vlašic, former spiritual guide in Medjugorje: ‘He spoke of ufo and extraterrestrials’ (The Church acted swiftly to protect Medjugorje) – Mystic Post Report

Excommunicated Tomislav Vlašic, former spiritual guide in Medjugorje: ‘He spoke of ufo and extraterrestrials’ (The Church acted swiftly to protect Medjugorje)

Tomislav Vlašic allegedly simulated the celebration of invalid sacraments

THE CASE – According to what is reported by the Giornale di Brescia, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has issued a decree of excommunication against Tomislav Vlašic , former spiritual guide of the visionaries of Medjiugorie.

In recent years, in the Diocese of Brescia and in other places, man has continued to carry out apostolic activities towards individuals and groups, both through conferences and through information technology.

According to the Diocese, he continued to declare himself a religious and a priest of the Catholic Church, simulating the celebration of invalid sacraments ; it continued to cause serious scandal among the faithful, carrying out acts seriously damaging to ecclesial communion and obedience to ecclesiastical authority.

With the excommunication, Vlašic cannot take part in any way as a minister in the celebration of the Eucharist or any other ceremony of public worship , celebrate sacraments or sacraments and receive the sacraments, exercise functions in offices or ministries or any ecclesiastical assignments, or to place acts of government.

« In the event that Mr. Vlašic intends to take part in the celebration of the Eucharist or in any act of public worship, he must be dismissed or the liturgical action must be interrupted, if a serious cause is not opposed »explains the Diocese of Brescia.

Tomislav Vlašic
Tomislav Vlašic (ABBAPADRE.IT)

In the mid-1980s Vlašic was expelled from Medjugorje after the revelation that he had a son by a nun.

Vlasic, now 78, arrived in Italy in 2005, founding a private association of faithful inspired by the spirituality of Medjugorje.

In 2006 the Association asked and obtained from the bishop of Brescia Msgr. Giulio Sanguineti to open a community office in Ghedi. ” In 2008 the first precautionary and disciplinary measures were adopted by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith because a drift outside the Catholic Doctrine had begun, with UFOs, extraterrestrials and messages from other planets ” explained Msgr. Marco Alba.

In 2009 Tomislav Vlasic “ was formally dismissed from the clerical state with an act issued directly by the Holy Father. A result of this severe measure, Mr. Vlasic has also been dismissed from the minor Franciscans to which they belonged and has obtained a dispensation of religious vows and from all duties related to the sacred ordination, including that of celibacy. ” In the same year, “in the form of a canonical penal precept under penalty of excommunication reserved for the Holy See, Vlasic was forbidden to exercise any form of apostolate and to issue declarations in religious matters “.

Vlasic’s behavior is one of ” clear disobedience to the penal precepts imposed on him “. Reasons that led the bishop, Monsignor Pierantonio Tremolada, to declare that ” Mr. Tomislav Vlasic, with his behavior and his teachings, seriously damages and compromises ecclesial communion and obedience to the prescriptions of the ecclesiastical authority “. (Source journaledibrescia.it)

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